Video Classics Of David Through His Growing Years

Video classics of David: For safe keep!

David aspires to be the best game show host  since he was 2. In this video he was only 3 and as you can see, he did an awesome job right?

Everything is about gaming for David even this video showing his ability to spell, well way early on.

In this video below David created his first Spinning wheel for his favorite game. Mommy thought that his creation was pretty inventive for a 4-year-old.

David as classics ‘School teacher’

Although David loves and cannot wait to be a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ game show host one day, he enjoyed playing as a ‘School teacher’ sometimes and maybe a ‘Professor’ one day. What do you think?

Another love of David’s is his love for numbers. He calls himself ‘Math Bee’. Sometimes, he likes being called ‘Math Bee Monkey’ and that’s how he enjoys fun and goofy videos.

In this video, David counts in the powers of two all the way ( 2 to the powers of 24). You see his focus on the numbers even though he gets goofy at times because he likes being funny.

Do you know of a boy more focused early in life than David? It is like his mission in life is to become a game show host for some purposes.

On the other hand, David is as passionate about numbers as he is about being a game show host. Mommy would love to explore, watch and see.

A special dedication was written for David hoping that through this blog, many will get to know him and enjoy learning about him as much as mommy did.